The edible frog (Pelophylax kl. esculentus)

Coloration frogs water has a very high interindividual variability is almost the same as in frogs jeziorkowej. It may be only a secondary feature of the determination. The dorsal part of the body (including the hind legs) usually has a grassy green color (green instead of brown as in gulls), with a pale green line vertebral. The black spots present in low numbers on the back are small and circular, not large and irregular as in gulls. Spots are covered with a laterally on the limbs are arranged in stripes. Typical edible frog, unlike many specimens of frogs lake, not around the iliac crest vast reddish brown spots. There is also in the yellow spots, which in frogs lake formed in the axils of the hind legs and thighs czarnożółty distinctive marbled. Folds ridge is well developed. However there are different coat specimens, for example. Yellowish olive green, and even chocolate brown. Usually lives in common populations of frogs lake. Live in Central Europe, and from southern Sweden to the Gulf of Finland, and in the south of its range reaches northern Italy and Bulgaria. The area of ​​its occurrence almost perfectly overlap with frogs lake, alone occurs only in northern Germany, Denmark and southern Sweden, where it forms pure populations. Bornholm is together with the gull. In the mountains reaches 800 meters above sea level.