Eurasian eagle-owl (bubo bubo)

a species of large, sedentary bird in the family (Strigidae), inhabits almost the entire Eurasia (with the exception of tundra coast of the Bay of Bengal, the British Isles and northern France), as well as North Africa. He was once intensely persecuted (it is often associated with evil and death), taking him also to serve as bait in hunting. Today it is a rare bird and skittish, but its population is slowly recovering, due to the inclusion in many countries (including Poland), species protection and zonal.

Probably the largest owl in the world, the size matched by only owl Japanese. Eagle owl exceeds while the size of the snowy owl and the owl hazel, and of the breeding avifauna Polish great gray owl and Ural. Plumage generally in different shades of brown, slightly variable depending on the subspecies, with numerous spots and dashes. Gray facial disks. On the head two spiky tufts of feathers resembling ears. Formerly considered a subspecies owl slightly smaller Indian eagle owl. Currently it distinguished 16 subspecies.

Hunting for medium-sized birds and mammals, sometimes tiny insects. Depending on the occurrence and the season is changing "habits" related to nutrition. Festivities begin early, sometimes as early as December. The territory covers an area of ​​over 10 square kilometers. Lowlands nest is usually in an abandoned bird's nest szponiastego, extensive hollow or on the ground. On the socket chooses the areas available, for example. Alder. On the other hand, in the mountains nest on rock ledges. The chicks are gniazdownikami wrong. Become independent after approx. 5 months. In nature, most often live to 20 years.