The hooded crow (Corvus cornix)

It occurs in northern and eastern Europe, the Apennine Peninsula and the Elbe to the Urals. Originally speciation followed in south-eastern Europe and Asia in warmer zones. It nests on the more extensive territory than carrion. Clear hiking and regular migration take mostly young birds (though only in Europe). In Central Europe, in a strip width of several dozen kilometers (70-150 km) stretch of the meridional crow occurs with Carrion (this occurs mainly in Western Europe). This causes the formation of mixed couples here and hybrids with different participation in plumage colors of black and gray. Evolution does not favor any of these species and hybrids and do not show a major adaptation adaptation to the prevailing conditions, so this blurred boundary line between them remains unchanged for years. Otherwise more expansive form rozprzestrzeniłaby gradually to the other of them. Sometimes, however, he encountered individuals of one species into the depths of the area inhabited by the second. These are mainly juveniles, which have not yet established their own nests and lead a nomadic life. They located in the new conditions otherwise feathered partners and settle there permanently. Poland, on average, large bird breeding. The most numerous in the mountains (hits to 1300 m above sea level) and in the foothills, in the valleys of the rivers and lakes. Since the 30s of last century, he began to nestle in Warsaw, and later also in other major cities (Poznan - from the 50s, Wrocław, Kraków, Gdańsk - since the 70s). Formerly in the vicinity of large cities wintered well as a large number of birds from the east of Europe, now arrives them much less, and winter accommodation is dominated by birds from the population settled. Increased flights mark mainly on the coast and inland are not so clearly visible.