The mallard

It inhabits most of the northern hemisphere, but has been introduced to south-eastern Australia and New Zealand. It is not compromised. Warrantable species in the period from 15 August to 21 December. From mallards ducks come home.

There is a very clear sexual dimorphism. The flight manifest themselves navy blue, white and bordered at the top and edge of the wing mirrors. Besides, both sexes have orange legs. A common feature is also white with gray-black center wheelhouse. The robe resting male stands only a yellow beak and a little red-haired women.
Female and male
Mallard Ducks in flight

The male in breeding plumage has iridescent green head, delimited from the rest of the body white collar. Throughout the year, it has a yellow beak with a black tip and ore breast, which is important when distinguishing it from the female, while crosswords are resting robe. Chest is all brown, iridescent, back also, but dull. Folded wings brown, here and there a little gray. Covers over and coverts black, on said first pair of twisted feathers. At the beginning are normal, further narrowing and wrap. Some are completely wrapped, others only bent. White wheelhouse of gray in the middle, orange legs.

The female has less contrasting coloration. Orange beak with a black top, between individuals of different sizes. White-cream-beige head, characteristic dark sash by the eye. Generally feathers resemble superimposed scales, orange-brown. At the bottom of the body "scales" they are smaller, around the back as well. White wheelhouse. Chicks żółtokremowe with a black patch on top of the body and the eye.

The oldest confirmed age crossword is 29 years.