American Curl Longhair Cat

The American Curl is of medium size and does not reach maturity until 2 or 3 years of age. Their constitution is strong and healthy, they are not usually detected any of the genetic defects suffered by many purebred cats.

The offspring are born with straight ears, which begin to bend at ten days. After four months, their ears are already very rigid and do not bend more. It is curious that in the American Curls contest the ears should be tilted between 90 and 180 degrees, the more bowed the bow is the better, although if the tip of the ears touches the head, they will be disqualified. Structure: The body of the American Curl is medium to large and rectangular, the first crosses were with the Maine Coon, so it has a moderately massive structure. The tail is the same length as the body. The weight varies from 3 to 5 kg. Head: The head of the American Curl is wedge type, with straight nose and medium size. The backward curvature of the ears is the distinctive character of the breed. This curvature may be slight or well marked, but the tip should never touch the posterior area of ​​the ear or the head, the cartilage is firm to the touch. This characteristic is determined by the dominant type Cu gene (normal right ears would be Governed by the recessive gene). The American Curl puppies begin to fold their ears at 8 to 10 days of life and reach the maximum curvature around the 4th month. Eyes: they are rounded, big and well separated, in general they are of yellow color, or green and in the Siamese scheme they are blue. Hair: The American Curl is a semi-long or short hair cat, generally has little undercoat so the hair is flattened over the body. Fig. No. 2. Mantle: because the distinctive feature is in the ears, there are restrictions on colors and color schemes. All colors are allowed, including the Siamese outline in the American Curl.