Cat Neva Masquarade

Siberian cats have broad ears, with protruding tassels, slightly slanted eyes, tassels between the pads on the paws, pants on hind legs. Siberian cats are animals busy, lively, with a great temperament. They are very friendly, affectionate. They are not aggressive and do not have the destructive tendencies. These cats are very fond of climbing and jumping, which confirms their frequent resting on high shelves and cabinets. They are great hunters. It is likely that the inhabitants of Siberia used them as a "guardian" home because he could react purring at the sight of the approaching stranger. The family is warm and outgoing, unobtrusive, independent. Siberian cat is a representative of one of the natural longhaired breed. This means that the evolution proceeded without any human intervention. The origins of the breed dates back to the seventeenth century., Although some sources say even the eleventh century. It comes from Siberia and is therefore one of the most common domestic cats in Russia. The cat has been disseminated outside Russia relatively recently, in the West after the fall of the Soviet Union. Race in 1989. Discovered in the Soviet Union Schultz marriage, lovers of cats with the then German Democratic Republic. They bought a few specimens in Leningrad. Short history of the breed in Western countries make her genealogical documentation is very sparse.