Persian cat

They are very gentle and calm disposition. Persians do not like loneliness, very willing to endure all the caresses and fun, both children and adults. These cats are completely devoid of aggression, they do not use your teeth and do not scratch the area. Guests at home to accept quickly and easily, too easily adapt to new conditions. They love to lie on the couch. Even with a garden and plenty of space for outdoor activities, they prefer to choose a comfortable chair in the house. Construction stocky. Limbs strong. The head of a large, massive, broad, bulging forehead, cheeks full, well-developed chin. Nose small, large, so-called. alloy. Fluffy tail over the entire length. The average length coat approx. 10 cm. Inside the ear, as well as between the fingertips of all legs should be hair brush. Another characteristic of the Persian cat is called. orifice, which creates a dense and longer hair growing from the ears around the chin. Temperament calm, nice, gentle, little talent hunter. Wola lounging on the couch than the prowl in the bushes. The color variations of color (black, white, red-haired, blue, cream and others, there are approx. 150). Also, eye color can vary: blue, orange or mixed (one blue the other orange).