Russian Blue

His short coat does not require complicated treatments. It should be regular, but not too often, comb rubber brush or glove with projections. During the daily stroking removed the excess dead skin. His diet should be well balanced in order to ensure a good fit for him and his hair. Cat small portions of them several times a day. Claws cut with special scissors or cążkami called the guillotine. Young kittens are very interesting environment. They love to play, as well as adult cats, and are not always visible. Russian Blue cats are extremely agile, move very quietly. Although I like to explore every nook and cranny of the apartment, it is rare they destroy something. They are very friendly, love to play with a tutor eg with a feather string. They also like the company of other cats. In relation to people they are sociable and extremely sensitive. Cat Russian selects and attaches to one man, to whom it will be especially show. They try to "help" for all classes. Exceptional intelligence cat Russian allows him to learn simple tricks, including retrieving and efficient communication with members of the household. They appreciate peace. Open house with endless visits of the guests is not the place for "RUS'a". They are wary of strangers. Cats are very interesting Russian everything new. They like to travel, are ideal car transporter braces instead of allowing a cat to observe the surroundings. Long and lovingly care for their offspring (even semi-annual). From the guardian they need considerable attention. Left to themselves they will be very hard to live. Russian cat is extremely elegant and, contrary to popular belief about cats, loyal companion.