Cheerful and lively, with an independent nature, has a tendency to vagrancy. Prone to the playground and tolerant towards children. Hound, leash, Scenthound, working terrier, companion. The coat is short and fitting. According to standard FCI at the Beagle "is permitted each coat hound, from this year approved is also so far not recognized the color of liver, the end of the tail white." "The most common beagle hold type of color tricolor, but the coat bicolor (two-color), and hare pied (hare) are gaining popularity. Less meets coat mottle, or mottled. the breed of English hounds existing in the fourteenth century, used for hunting in sforach foxes and hares, formed probably from crosses of French hounds Harriers with terriers. There are two theories of origin beagle. the first, which tended Bourdon and Dutheil on the basis of ancient works of Xenophon, spoke about the ancient praprzodkach Greek hounds. they are now with the Romans to England, where he crossed with dogs Normans. the second theory refers to two breeds of hounds coming from the south of France - Gascony and Saintonge. they were the beginning called southern hound dogs, who came to England from the continent during the Hundred Years' war. In the UK fan club of the breed was established in 1895 and a few years later, these dogs appeared in the United States.