Chinese Crested Dog

On average, they live approx. 12 years, although there are individuals living longer. Naked combers may have dental problems. Like any small breed dogs and miniature are more likely to defect teeth. We must also take care of their delicate skin. Dogs of this breed are serene and joyful, some individuals can not tolerate the presence of other dogs are active. They like to fetch, run with humans or other dogs. They are prone to playing with children, with no signs of aggression, tolerate urban conditions. Attached to the owner. Chinese crested dog is bred as a family dog ​​and companion. U of naked are the hair on the head, legs and tail. Their skin is soft and warm to the touch, during the year turns - winter is brighter, and in the summer due to sun turns darker. U varieties of hairy - Powder Puff - there is undercoat and a soft coat for. They are non-allergenic dogs (even hairy variety), the hair structure resembles a human hair. There are in all colors and shades. Dogs of this breed are small, thin and delicate. They have a narrow muzzle, but not pointed. According to the breed standard FCI organization ears of this breed are set low and are large and erect, with a variety of hairy ears are allowed "hanging". Eyes are "so dark as to appear black. They show little whites, or do not appear at all. Medium size. Embedded distant from each other."