Irish Setter

Irish Setter is a family dog, need human contact. Faithful playmate and guardian of the children, very patient. Intelligent and lively, it needs to meet the needs of high traffic. Non-aggressive towards strangers and other animals. Rather, he learns quickly, but the dog training you need to be firm but gentle. If the dog is very important to nurture positive, without penalty. They raised improperly can escape. Setters are hunting dogs for intensive work while hunting for birds as dogs issuing (legawce). Among setters is the lightest and highest, thanks to the fastest. Furthest of all okładający field by that hunting is better to check the horse than the pedestrian hunter. The coat is the color of ripe chestnut or mahogany. Not wavy, it creates a long, smooth fringe; there tzw.portki and feather tail. Long head and long muzzle, at the end of a slightly angular; deep chest. At the beginning of the seventeenth century were equally popular dogs with a white coat, white and red, white and yellow, even black and white, and red. All were working dogs, hunting, przeszukującymi large areas in search of birds. In 1866 the club established in England red Irish Setter. Since 1882 it was allowed for the presentation of the exhibition only one color, red dogs. This resulted in an almost complete extinction of the red-and-white variant. The Comittee of the Irish Red Setter Club in Dublin March 29, 1885, he presented the breed standard Irish Setter Irish czerwonego.Seter is associated with Ireland, however, it comes from France, Spain and Macedonia. It comes from the long-haired spaniel and was the result of the intersection of the Irish water spaniel, the English setter, springer spaniel and pointerierem. In the first period of the breed should not attach importance to the color, but the attention was mainly on account of the properties of hunting.