Tatra Sheepdog

is a typical representative of large dogs pastoral - watchdogs, whose primary task was to guard herds from predators and robbers. Besides Tatra sheepdogs working on grazing animals helped the shepherds in the search for lost animals, przepędzaniu herds and guarded shepherd's huts and houses. They are characterized by the ability to work independently. These tasks determined the psyche of Tatra sheepdogs, which are generally mastered, but alert, smart, courageous and, if necessary, take action immediately defensive. In defending his flock, land or even a person they are uncompromising and they have no fear. Tatra sheepdog should therefore be used mainly in traditional grazing animals as their guardian and protector, which on the one hand protects the flock entrusted to his care, and the other endangered predators.

He has been helping the Highlanders in grazing sheep. His job is to guard the herds against large predators, but currently this is not as significant as in the past, because the population of bears and wolves in the Tatras very diminished. Besides it is also used to guard farms and homes. They belong to the dogs defensive.
Controlled breeding started from around 1920. After World War I in Poland euphoria of independence, podhalańczyki also been incorporated into the national affirmation of everything. Interested in the Polish Army and the Polish Association of Dog Show and the Society of Friends service dog. At the beginning of the thirties dogs also grown outside their natural habitats, especially in the area of ​​Warsaw and Lvov. The first exhibition of the Tatra Shepherd was held in Antalowka on September 3-5, 1937. The dogs judged prof. Maurice Cyril Trybulski enthusiast of the breed, which prepared the draft master race. Then it can be seen clearly distinguish between Liptov Shepherd (Slovak Chuvach), a shepherd Podhale. After World War II, disrupting the breeding effort podhalańczyków, and which the population survived without major losses, at least in Podhale, creating race took the Kennel Club in Poland. Tatra sheepdog silhouette shows developed in the early fifties of the last century emblem of the Polish Kennel Club. Recent changes in the pattern introduced Oct. 8, 1988.