The dog formerly used for hunting, mostly waterfowl, today fully mostly representative functions. There are poodles, which are well suited to work with the sick and disabled people. This fact can be considered as a race, not only representative, but also helpful in the treatment of patients.Solid black, white, brown, silver, fawn (breed FCI). In the United States, owners have no obstacles to issuing such poodles. Izabelów of ointments, tan or pinto. In hunting they appreciated his stubbornness and obstinacy. They are sociable and energetic dogs. Dogs of this breed exhibit average risk for the occurrence, often tragic, turn the stomach. The survival of the dog in this case is dependent on rapidly as possible to help him by a veterinarian. Due to the nature of the hair in this race (undercoat grows over the top coat, rolled up by a spiral or create curls) to get the desired look is needed regular and careful maintenance.