Greyhounds were already known in antiquity. Probably they come from the steppes of south-western Asia and northern Africa. They occurred in Asia, North Africa and Europe. Their images are visible on Mesopotamian pottery coming from the sixth century BC It is presented in the pursuit of desert gazelles. Some breeds greyhounds are closely related to primitive breeds of dogs. Greyhounds have a slim, tall and elongated, lithe body, delicate head, long limbs and the chest is, they need the dogs reaching high speeds. Muzzle are elongated, ears long, narrow, standing halfway. Most greyhounds have short hair and delicate. In addition to the races, there are also short-haired and long-haired szorstko-. Among the greyhounds bred wirehaired top of psów.Do hit Europe in Roman times. The first breeding greyhounds in England began about 500 years. BC In the past they were mainly used for hunting hares, wolves and bustards. Currently, in most countries, hunting with greyhounds are prohibited. Very popular in Anglo-Saxon countries enjoy the greyhound track. You can meet also racing in the open, so. coursingi. In racing dogs chase an artificial hare.