Hans Raber citing several authors assumed that the place where a dog terierowatych are the British Isles, and most varieties of these dogs come from the popular former England Pinscher rural and Short-Haired (E.Hauck).

In later sources - Turbervill (1575), Buffon (XVIII century) - are cited descriptions of the dogs belonging to both terriers foot high and low foot. This distinction was associated with the utility of these dogs. Shortly football variety of hard hair was appreciated for persistence and courage in wypłaszaniu and throttling animals out of their holes. Dogs gładkowłose limbs longer participated in nagankach game hunting.

Dog shows held in England until 1862 there was no separate class for terriers. From this year, the group began dogs to distinguish between the different races. To the rank of pedigree dog from the Terrier he was first raised as a fox terrier and in 1878 wirehaired variety first appeared on the show in Birmingham. Pictures of some extinct terriers, preserved to this day. An example is the Old English Terrier (Old Angielski terrier), whose exterior was very close to the Welsh terrier. The last individual of this breed were presented at the exhibition in 1900. To terriers extinct also includes the Old English White Terrier (Old white terrier Angielski), in which the prohibition of copying ears, introduced in 1895 by the Kennel Club, led to a strong decline in interest in this race. Raber says that these terriers James Hinks used to create white Bullterier.

English Terriers gave rise to many breeds of terriers in the world. In Australia achieved through terierom coming from farms in England, terrier and Australian silky terrier. Frantisek Horak in Czechoslovakia bred terrier Czech and Japan established nihon teria.