Bombus a kind of social insects of the family bee. These insects stings are painful, but there are much less likely than other members of the stings of bees or wasps.
Their sting is not hooked endings, so the sting it does not remain in human skin.
After the sting may experience localized swelling of subcutaneous tissue, and in patients hypersensitive - in varying degrees, severe symptoms of anaphylactic shock (a kind of sudden, serious allergic or non-allergic, which can be fatal). They are very efficient pollinators, during the day open a few thousand flowers. Thrive even at a temperature of 10 ° C.Pierwszą action after the winter sleep is to search for places to nest. Depending on the species they choose places such as underground burrows, in corners of buildings, clumps of dry grass or debris. Construction mouthparts, enabling them to food intake with a crown of flowers. Their nest consists of the outer part - constructed with dry grass, moss and the like, building materials, often reinforced wax, and the inner part, where the female mother builds a pot wax, which removes from the nectar of flowers. Then builds a wax cradle of the first cell, where lays eggs, which heats the heat of his own body.