There are over 40 known types and approx. 3.5 thousand. species of mosquitoes. Appearing worldwide family of insects of the order Diptera. Female these insects suck the blood of warm-blooded animals, and some insects, as to the formation of the eggs in the ovaries require feeding on the blood of certain animal species. The males feed on nectar of flowers. The female after applying proboscis to the animal body releases in the shape of the jaw movement lancet provided with hooks. The movements of the jaw up and down causing broken skin, then the wound is injected droplet of saliva, which is to prevent blood clotting. The saliva of a female has a chemical irritant skin may also occur allergic reaction. Therefore, when you prick the skin reddens, swells and itches. Adult mosquitoes have mouthparts piercing-sucking. It consists of elongated: lips, upper and lower mandibles podgębia and jaws. The larvae develop in the aquatic environment. Eggs tapered at one end were placed on the surface of the water so close together that water can not get in between them. Generally feed on decaying organic matter. The pace of mosquitoes is very different - some spawn in a few days, others longer. Mosquitoes are from the Arctic to the tropics.