European nightcrawler

The worm Eisenia hortensis or Dendrobaena veneta is an earthworm with an average weight of 1.5 grams in its adult stage. Generally pink and gray with characteristic stripes that gives it a striped appearance. The tail is often cream or pale yellow. When the species has not been fed, it has a pale pink color. Eisenia hortensis is usually found in European forests within the bed that forms with fallen leaves of trees, a compound that is rich in organic matter. Eisenia hortensis is sold mainly as a bait worm, although its popularity as a compost worm is increasing.1 Compared with E. fetida, E. hortensis is best adapted to an environment with a high proportion of carbon in relation to nitrogen. This makes it a good choice for a compost with a high content of fibrous materials generally known as brown.2 The European nightcrawler worm may become an invasive species and should be reared only within compost containers in parts of the world with deciduous forests and forest Boreal.