The least weasel (Mustela nivalis)

It is active during the day and at night, because sometimes the victim of owls. In winter hunts under the snow. Thanks to its small size gets easily to hiding their victims. The basic food are small animals, mainly mice caught in burrows. He eats the bird eggs, frogs, lizards, small birds, sometimes rabbits. With the increased availability of food supplies is doing. The daily nutritional requirements for males is 33 g (27% of body weight) to female 23 g (30% of body weight). Nests in burrows. It has 1-2 litters per year in different seasons. Pregnancy lasts approx. 35 days. Once born 3-9 young. Lactation lasts 6-8 weeks, but the young weasels after 14 days consume solid food. They gain independence after 12-16 weeks, and sexual maturity after about 4 months. Life expectancy in the wild weasel is about 3 years in captivity die before to 6 years.