It is characterized by having a body covered with a thick, woolly coat, pale brown to gray, oval head and large eyes. It weighs between 1.5 and 2.5 kg in the wild. It has long ears of up to 7 cm which help to regulate body temperature and a very short tail. Their forelegs are shorter than the hind legs. It measures from 33 to 50 cm. In affable conditions, even more in domestic breeds for meat. All these characteristics of this species in the wild state can vary significantly by race.

The males have the head wider than the females.

The wild rabbit measures 34 to 50 cm. (Head and body length), the ears measure 4 to 8 cm. Its weight ranges from 1.2 kg to 2.5 kg. It has a reddish brown, sometimes reddish brown skin that allows its camouflage to avoid its predators.

The size of domestic rabbits varies greatly from one breed to the other. The largest, the giant of Flanders, can reach 8 kg. And 80 cm. In length but the rabbit dwarf ram exceeds barely 1 kg, sometimes less for extra dwarf rabbits. The skin is originally beige gray - sometimes with black or reddish tones - a lighter belly and white bottom of tail (tail), while domestic rabbits present varying colors, uniform, degraded or mottled. There are about eighty varieties.