Arianta arbustorum

Shell without axial hole (as in snails of the genus Cepaea) with a white lip and lightly beaded edge of the hole on the outside (the lip may give the impression of a hidden hole axis). Shell easily, even in live animals, loses its top conchiolin layer, which especially the top of the shell (the oldest part) is whitish losses and found the shells of dead snails can be quite white. Generally brown shell with numerous lighter spots and stripes (on the perimeter twist). Usually the larger the surface is brighter on the last turn, at the height of the lip. On the first and second twist is easy to see a single, dark brown belt. The width of the test 18-25 mm and a height of 15-27 mm. Hiding under dead leaves, stones, fallen trees and branches. We are happy to wander the damp ground and then it easiest to find.