Helix lutescens

In the wild, this species is active in the spring and summer. Until mid-September, it descends into the lower parts of the plant, which then creeping stems form a rotting warm and wet cover, supplemented later insulating snow. Hole shell snail closes the lid limestone and hibernates. The lid may be slightly thicker than the shell and at the interface with the hole wall is clearly thickened. "Winter lid" land snail, in contrast with "year-round lids" gastropods such as water. Viviparous have conchiolin layer, and from the center of the bowl have a flat shape. In the spring snail calcium with lid resorbed and is released. Sometimes, and in the summer you can meet shells with lid - the resident did not survive the winter. Living in areas of a steppe, dry scrub and sunny slopes. Often found in gardens and sunny places ruderal.