The giant house spider

Giant house spider-spider species in the family Agelenidae.The bite of this species does not pose a threat to humans and animals.Angle pieces of this species come from the north-west Europe.
These spiders , as well as other angle pieces belonging to the family  Agelenidae , plain construct their networks in the corners (both on the floor and ceiling ) , between boxes in basements , attics or other darkened areas that are rarely disturbed by large animals or humans .Cobwebs giant built by angle pieces are flat, but fitted at one end in a specific funnel in which a spider lurking in wait for prey.

The span of female legs is typically about 45 mm , and among males is varied and ranges from 35 mm to 95 mm.Females of this species may reach up to 18 mm in length, while men have a slightly smaller body of from 12 mm to 15 mm in length.This species until 1987 was in the Guinness Book of Records thanks to a record speed of movement, which is up to 0.53 m / s.